Yoga does not require much, neither the clothing or equipment is anything fancy. There are just a few simple pieces of equipment and also very simple attire.    If you are planning to be fully dedicated and very serious about your practice, these are all the things you should invest in.

1. Foam blocks– These are great for beginners who need more support, or just for anyone reaching for a more challenging pose who is not quite there yet. For instance, crow pose is often easier to start out on a block, because you are elevated.  The blocks should be able to support your weight without collapsing.

2. Sticky mat– This is more commonly called a yoga mat. It is simply the mat you use for your yoga routine. Make sure it is on a flat, even surface so that it does not slide around too much.

3. Yoga strap–  This helps to extend your flexibility beyond what your body itself can do. It is great for when you are not yet able to stretch to a certain extent. It also helps with the alignment of your spine.

4. Proper attire– Yoga clothing is very simple. Just make sure that your clothes allow you to move freely, that’s all there is to it. Also make sure that they offer enough support, especially when it comes to a proper bra for women.

Doesn’t seem so tough, does it? Nope! So, gather your equipment and go conquer the yoga world!