If you are zealous about yoga, you might spend some time trying to convince people to try it. Some people will seem eager, and want to try it out in a heartbeat. However, others will be much less eager than that. People might be convinced it’s too easy, that it won’t help them in anyway, or that they are not flexible enough. So, here are a couple of ways that will help convince reluctant, closet yogis to hop on the yoga train.

1. Tell them that yoga classes are a welcoming community, and invite them to come along sometime to a class. Most yoga teachers are very open. They are very willing to offer support and advice.

2. Ensure them that yoga will provide the right amount of challenge for them. Perhaps show them some videos of various types of yoga. This way they are able to see what might work for them.

3. Give them examples of athletes who have benefited from yoga. This might especially work for men who fear that yoga is only for women. If they are able to see  athletes they admire doing yoga, it could convince them.

4. Remind them that it takes very little equipment. If they have comfortable clothes, they are set. Yes, a mat is also needed, but some studios will provide them and for home practice it’s also okay to use carpeted spaces.

5. Explain to them the benefits. Some benefits in yoga are less talked about. Many people are aware of it improving flexibility and relieving stress. However, benefits like an improved sex life and increase in confidence are not always known.

After all this, remember not to lose patience. It may take more than one try to convince someone to try yoga. If after everything they are unconvinced, just let it go. Yoga is not for everyone, and that’s okay.