It is a dream of mine that this is the only yoga site you will ever need. However, I know that is unrealistic. There are so many great yoga sites out there, and if this one does not have what you need, one of them is bound to. Here are a few sites and what they are all about!

1. Yoga Journal– Yoga journal is a fantastic and free site, one of my personal favorites. It includes access to free yoga videos, blogs, lifestyle and health advice, and insights. There is no requirement to sign up, but you can sign up for the newsletters and live mag. This site is great if you don’t have access to a class or don’t have the money to go.

2.My Yoga Online– This is the number one yoga website in the world, but slightly less accessible than yoga journal. A membership is required, and to get full access you have to pay. However, if you are serious about yoga it could very well be worth it. This site hosts videos by some of the best yoga teachers.  It also includes workshops and a community for yoga lovers, among many other features.

3. Mindbodygreen– The goal of the site is right in the title. It focuses on the mind, the body, and more natural , or green, health remedies.  The videos on this site focus more on learning about yoga rather than learning yoga. There are many articles about how yoga can strengthen the mind and the body. There are also natural  remedies, which is a neat bonus!

4. YogaDork –  This is more of a light- hearted site for yoga. It still takes yoga seriously of course, but in a fun way. Here you can read about celebrities that love yoga, or a six year old who wrote about how yoga makes his day. If you need a smile, or just want to be reminded how great yoga really is, this is the site for you.

Hopefully one of this sites will suit you, but if not don’t be discouraged! There are plenty more out there to be discovered.