When you are learning new yoga poses, it might be very easy to become cocky about it. After all, you are able to bend your body in ways that none of your friends ever could, and this feels great. Let me just note that it is perfectly acceptable and even normal that it feels great. In fact, it is good to have pride in your body’s strength and ability. Yoga should make you feel graceful and powerful. However, it starts to become an issue when your ego becomes larger than your desire to improve yourself.  Yoga is all about bettering yourself, becoming more at peace with your body and your mind. So when it suddenly becomes all about being able to show off to your friends and family, you lose sight of that. It starts becoming more of a game instead of something serious. Is it bad to want to improve your practice? Absolutely not! However, if you are only doing so to feel better about yourself, it defeats the purpose. Another side to this is if your sense of self becomes so inflated you think that you don’t need to or simply cannot improve anymore. This is also unhealthy, because it gives the unrealistic idea of perfection. Even the best yogi in the world could probably do things to improve his or her practice. So, enjoy yoga and feel joy in your body’s abilities, but don’t let it all go to your head.